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Typhon Sector Map.

The Typhon Sector is the home sector of the USS Charon and it is an expanse of Federation space in the Beta Quadrant that extends from Deep Space 6 all the way to Alpha Centauri pushing out to the edges of the Romulan Neutral Zone. On the other side of the Neutral Zone the area borders four Romulan fleet sectors; Romulan 6th Fleet (Adenecus Sector), Romulan 10th Fleet (Iconia Sector), Romulan 11th Fleet (Otaran Sector), and the Romulan 12th Fleet (Ikhaua Sector).


Typhon Sector Planets & Facilities


The location of a former Federation Colony that was destroyed by the Borg in 2373. A second colony was established on Ivor Prime in 2395 and later a small Starfleet Science Outpost was constructed on the planet in 2403.


Astate is a planet within the Anarin system and located in the center of the Neutral Zone. It was colonized in 2301 but the colonist subsequently disappeared a few years later. The planet was again colonized in 2376 and 2377 by Romulans and Federation Citizens splitting the planet into two control spheres. In 2407 Starfleet and the Romulan Government agreed to establish military outposts on the planet to contain any local conflict. Astate is currently the home of the Starfleet Typhon Sector Command. There have been recent additions to the planet such as a Starfleet Academy Campus and a Starfleet Medical Center.


Ryn is a small Class M moon in the Ryn Hyrada system. Orbiting a large gas giant most of the inhabitants of Ryn are asteroid miners who mine the rich mineral deposits of the system’s massive asteroid belt. Ryn is also notorious for being a haven of underground criminal activities.

Alpha Centauri

Is a trinary star system considered to be one of the Federation’s core systems. Several inhabitable planets orbit the system’s three suns: Rigil, Quindar, and Proxima. The total population of the system is approximately 28 billion. Alpha Centauri is also home to the Proxima Shipyards as well as the Delthare University Complex, one of the primary learning facilities in the Federation.

Alpha Eridani

Is a star system located in the Neutral Zone. Originally Alpha Eridanii (and the planet Eternity) was a member of the Federation but found itself positioned in a redrawn Neutral Zone after the 2401 war between the United Federation of Planets and the Romulan Star Empire. The main planet in the system, Eternity, is a class M planet that has recently seen the buildup of large scale mining facilities.

Starbase 145

Starbase 145 is the primary and largest Starfleet outpost in the Typhon Sector. It is also home to the 5th Division of the Second Fleet.

Romulan Planets and Facilities

Adenecus Sector

The Adenecus sector is home to the Romulan 6th Fleet (Galae’tho) and comprises several star systems that were captured in the 2401 Romulan – Federation war. The Sector is a military stronghold comprised of several large Starbases such as Kaohht Anahos and a massive fleet facility in the Codis system.


Known to the Federation as Astate, Ahuian is correctly named Wilderness. The original Romulan settlers on the planet built their settlement in the jungles and rainforests of the Riha continent. The first ten years of the settlement were harsh but the Romulans were able to pull through. As land was cleared it was discovered that the planet contained rich soils. Romulans seeking to build a good life after military service flocked to the planet. To prevent the Federation of annexing the planet the Romulan Government built a Star Navy Fortress on the planet in 2407. Although the Romulan settlements are governed by an Overseer the Galae Commander of the planet is recognized as the official representative to the Star Empire.


After 2401 Iconia fell just within Romulan Borders. The planet was once the home planet of the technologically advanced Iconian species. The Iconians are most notable for having created gateways that allowed them to instantly travel to distant worlds. Much is still unknown about the planet.


(Not to be confused with Kyros) is a Romulan Star System home to the headquarters of the 10th fleet (Galae’Dha). The only inhabitable planet in the Kyr system is Nan’het. It’s mostly an agricultural world with its largest city being Ralina. The 10th Romulan Fleet maintains large facilities in the Kyr systems including a large orbital Starbase and several fleet facilities located throughout the star system.


A former Federation Colony captured by the Star Empire in 2401. It is a minor planetary settlement that is also split between Romulans and Federation Colonists who decided to remain on the planet after its capture.

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