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Below is the list of rules and polices that the command team on Charon adheres to, although not always stringent we try to follow them.


Logging Policy

Department Heads

Must post at least two logs a week to be considered as active for promotion. To maintain the position Department Heads must also average at least 4 posts a month during a 4 month period (this excludes situations where time off is needed for real life issues).

Regular Simmers (Non DH)

Must post at least one log a week to be considered as active for promotion. To maintain the position regular simmers must also average at least 3 posts per month for a 4 month period (this excludes situations where time off is needed for real life issues).

Beta Shift Simmers

Do not have a weekly requirement. However, Beta Simmers must post at least once a month and have an average of 1 post per month during a 4 month period to remain on roster as a Beta Shift Simmer.


At any time may a member request a Leave of Absence (LOA) or an Extended Leave of Absence (ELOA), it is asked if you believe you will not be able to log for more then a period of three weeks, that you request an LOA, if you cannot log for over a period of a month or more it is asked that you request an ELOA.


If a person has 3 consecutive unexcused absences (Not sending in logs for 3 consecutive weeks without being excused) they will be dropped from the Charon roster.

Excused Absences Policy

If you cannot log for a given week due to real life issues or other extenuating circumstances/emergencies and etc. please inform the CO if at all possible before hand. If you cannot inform the CO before hand, then inform them once you return and the appropriate changes will be made to reflect an Excused Absence.

If a person compiles 3 consecutive excused absences they will automatically be marked on LOA till their return... if they do not return within a 2 week period of receiving an LOA they will be given the status of ELOA. If there is no contact with the crew member from the automatic receiving of a LOA status then they shall be dropped from the roster 2 weeks after being put on ELOA status, if contact is not reestablished.

Behavior Policy

I ask that all Charon crew members show each other common courteously and respect, one of the most important things in a sim is crew chemistry… chemistry among the crew members not only increases their enjoyment but it also allows plots to run smoothly.

I also ask that all Charon crew members participate in joint logs also, joint logs allow crew members to interact and it also helps to build crew chemistry. I will try to make myself available to every crewmember for any joint logs they may have in mind.

Third, Not everyone is gifted in writing, just do your best and read the logs of your other crew members. Also please be detailed in your log writing, if you have to many vague details it can confuse other members of the crew.

Finally, The major and probably the only reasons we sim is to meet other people, make friends, and most important… have fun while doing it. I don’t want this sim to be a burden on anybody, if it becomes so please tell me. We can try and figure out how to fix it so that you will enjoy it once again.

Multi Simmer Rule

The Charon is one of the top sims in UCIP and we value our quality. To protect it we have decided to enact a Multi Simmer rule in regards to members of UCIP who join the sim or current members of the sim. The rule is below.

Charon will no longer be accepting applicants who are on more then 2 simulations at the time of application. We would also prefer that simmers not be on more then 3 simulations (charon included) however we will review them on a case by case basis (as in if activity slips you'll be asked to decided whether or not to remain). However, department chiefs or command personnel cannot be members of more then 3 simulations.

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