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USS Charon Crew
Sakarra Tyrax
Rank: Commander
Position: Executive Officer
Race: Vulcan & Betazoid
Gender: Female
Age: 36
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 125 Lbs
Father: Rel Tyrax
Mother: T'Sora (Deceased)
Siblings: None
Marital Status: Single



Born on the USS Bellerophon to Science Officer T’Sora and renowned Botanist Rel Tyrax, Sakarra spent the first years of her life either traveling on board or causing mischief on the family estate on Vulcan, aided in no small part by her cousin and lifelong friend T'Para. While said estate is home to several dozen Vulcans of all ages at any given time, it was the two girls that the resident Sehlat Warya became most attached to, just as T’Para whose father was killed in the Dominion War grew a strong bond with her Betazoid uncle Rel.

Sakarra accompanied her father on several trips to Betazed which was still recovering from the devastating occupation and developed a great affection for both the planet and its inhabitants, not to mention the cheerful and exuberant family which doted on the ‘wild child’. Gentle and good-humored by nature, Rel Tyrax never scorned his little one for her tendency to wander off and get involved in all sorts of trouble (or as her mother used to put it “reckless behavior”) and always patiently tended to the inevitable bumps and bruises.

Shortly before her twelfth birthday, Sakarra’s father was asked to return to Betazed and teach at the university. The family relocated to the Lady Lhorexa’s house near the Alarmante Sea to spend what Sakarra still refers to as the “Loud and lovely years”. Interrupted only by trips accompanying her mother with Starfleet or her father on research expeditions, Sakarra led a life surrounded by a large family and their numerous friends, free to roam the vast gardens of Betazed.

Telepathic by virtue of both parents and instructed in the Vulcan mind disciplines by her mother, Sakarra’s empathic heritage never asserted itself except for a few vague and unfocused impressions. Hardly unexpected, this fact has led to some minor turbulences on a planet inhabited by empaths, resulting in Sakarra becoming an astute observer of body language to compensate for the inability to sense emotional states.

In accordance with her inquisitive and – in her grandmother’s words – “Hare-brained scared of nothing but luckier than a green fogcat” nature, Sakarra decided to go for a swim during one of Betazed’s famous spring storms and nearly drowned as a result at the age of fourteen. Rather than retain a healthy fear of water from now on she took up surfing instead and has caused many grey hairs in her family by diving into any available body of water, if necessary from a cliff.

Another source of the mentioned grey hair has always been the fact that from an early age on she was attracted to vehicles that move fast. Very fast. If they fly, all the better. (“You put wings and rockets on an old water bucket, she’ll fly it!”)

This preference at least was channeled into something productive (if one can call fighter jocks productive) when Sakarra attended flight school and earned her qualification as a fighter pilot. Having attracted the attention of Moshe Astrun who was at the time assembling a squadron for Betazed’s small planetary defense force at Arandel, she agreed to join "Jewel Three" and was taken under the proverbial wing of veteran pilot Sirta “SnowFox” Kaleth. The origin of Sakarra’s callsign “Sehlat” is still debated, but common consensus on Arandel holds there is a connection to several trees having been leveled during a rather enthusiastic take-off.

Determined to put her extensive knowledge of plants and her deep appreciation for all things growing to good use, Sakarra enrolled at the University of Betazed in 2396 to study botany; however at the outbreak of the Federation/Romulan war in 2398 she was recalled to full duty on Arandel. Even after the news that her mother’s ship had been lost with all hands during the battle over 40 Eridani reached Betazed she remained with the squadron, but handed in her resignation the day after the signing of the peace treaty on board the USS Bismarck ended the war. A few weeks later, Sakarra departed for Vulcan.

Years on Vulcan

Sakarra on Vulcan.

There are few records pertaining to Sakarra’s time with her mother’s family, partly because Vulcans consider “family matters” private, partly because she herself rarely discusses the subject.

Available information of the Vulcan registries indicates that she spent time at Shi'Kahr Academy and was admitted to the Vulcan Institute of Defensive Arts under the tutelage of her relative Sovar (V’shar tra-lan).

Sakarra earned qualification to pilot the newly redesigned D’Vahl type fighter in 2402. It is likely she was directly involved in the development of the D'Vahl and has been one of the first test pilots flying it, however no confirmation regarding this is available. While a Sakarra is listed in the files of the f'rel-barr (Administration office of the Vulcan Defense Forces), such files are sealed under Vulcan privacy laws.


Sakarra returned to Betazed for a short time before joining Starfleet, a choice that was supported by both sides of her family, even though many had hoped she might choose the field of science rather than go off flying starships around the galaxy.

Her Academy years were mostly uneventful, earning Sakarra the nickname "Bambi" from her classmates for her reclusive nature and her habit of being found in the Academy gardens more often than her own quarters.

Sakarra's first assignment led her to the USS Charon - intrigued by the prospect of venturing into unexplored space on a science vessel she had requested the post despite the somewhat unusual circumstances of the ship's mission.

USS Charon

Only one of barely a handful of other Vulcans on a ship that not only carries a considerable Romulan contingent but perhaps the widest variety of species found on any Starfleet vessel to date, Sakarra still settled into life on Charon with the quiet determination of her race (sometimes referred to as pointy eared stubbornness). It was not until the Chief Helmsman was injured severely during a rescue mission that Sakarra had to abandon her preference for remaining the ‘wingman’ and become a de facto department head.

The following months proved no less turbulent with the discovery of Lyrila and a confrontation with rogue Romulan forces at the planet Ch'Dabhae near the Yy’a nebula; but after having worked with her Captain and having observed her in situations even a Vulcan would not hesitate to call extraordinary, Sakarra developed a grudging respect for her CO (who despite not being too fond of her ‘cousins’ came to at least find this one tolerable and even proceeded to name her Charon’s second officer).

The mutual regard between Sakarra and Captain t`Rehu was put to the test when the arrival of Vulcan council members led to the revelation of Charon’s true purpose on this mission – the retrieval of Temep`Shar, a Vulcan prototype ship lost at the far reaches of Romulan space. Having decided that loyalty to one’s ship and Captain overrules any and all other concerns, Sakarra employed her usual straightforward manner in obtaining the truth and proof of the deception before presenting it to her CO. The consequences of those actions back home are still to be determined, but one may assume they won’t be pleasant.

On a personal note, Sakarra managed to slightly improve her social skills with other species, leading to surprising offers of friendship from such unlikely individuals as Charon’s best known brig-resident and luckless ambassador Ian Lamont and the grumpy Russian Bear Nikolai Chernienko.

Perhaps the most challenging of new relationships is the one involving a young survivor of ch`Dabhae – having inadvertently rescued the boy from the biogenic attack on his home, Sakarra found herself as the one person Nveid trusted on a ship full of strangers.

Rumors regarding a romantic involvement with the commander of Charon’s marine contingent Brent Warren have flourished for some time, but have only recently found at least some confirmation when the pair made several appearances together in Eris Deck.

Medical Notes

Due to Sakarra's hybrid nature she seems to have a rather sturdy immune system, except for one mild case of Tarkalean flu no infections or allergies have been recorded.

Vulcan t-cells, muscle density and average body temperature at Vulcanoid normal levels. Betazed medical files list several bone fractures and various injuries, no complications during healing process.

Medical information - addendum by Lt Jg Okalan Enaren, M.D. - SD 240610.03

Well, Starfleet Academy might have been satisfied with that pitiful excuse for a medical record but since I’ve known Cadet Tyrax for quite a while I feel it necessary to add a few things. Deities forbid she gets herself into some kind of mess again and whatever doctor needs to patch her up has to work with, well, little more than nothing.

First of all, Miss Tyrax is basically equipped to survive in the thin atmosphere of a VERY hot planet and is prone to suffer from hypothermia if she’s not careful (which she rarely is. Careful I mean). On the other hand, she does have about 90% of an average Vulcan’s lung capacity and her blood chemistry (T-positive in case someone was wondering) is just as green (copper based) as her skin tone suggests. Add to that the famed Vulcan metabolism and you get a Betazoid who kicks like a mule and still keeps running when most other people have long since cried ‘uncle’. Or more to the point, a Vulcan wolf in Betazoid sheep’s clothing. This doctor also has a nagging suspicion that as this little wolf matures (considering her hybrid nature, that can be anywhere between her mid thirties to early forties), thus far dormant Vulcan attributes might assert themselves with a vengeance (should specific chemical imbalances occur, please refer to the appropriate files available to CMO’s or just find another Vulcan. They usually know what to do).

Anyways, all of this is not to say she’s not prone to overexert herself, medical officers please take note that Miss Tyrax is no exception to the rule that Vulcans make the worst patients ever.

Speaking of metabolism, caffeine and sapotoxins have the expected effect on Miss Tyrax - meaning little to none - but alcohol in any form is generally a bad idea. Unless you need to redecorate the place anyways. Which brings me to what is often referred to as ‘puzzle, wrapped in an enigma, housed in a cranium’. In this case, imagine a standard Vulcan brain (if there indeed is such a thing) with slightly elevated mesifrontal cortex activity and then toss in a paracortex that happily produces psilosynine as if it was working for a Betazoid. It is my guess that this incongruence is the cause of Miss Tyrax’s inability to really exercise her empathic abilities but that’d be a subject for a paper one day. Either way, as long as neurotransmitter levels don’t drop below Vulcan standard, she should be safe from lobotomizing herself.

P.S.: Miss Tyrax has an unfortunate tendency to neglect minor necessities like eating or sleeping when she finds it inconvenient - and she still has about the same social graces as duckweed when a doctor dares to try and convince her that both or either might be a good idea. The only advice I have for an unnerved medical officer - pizza. Tomato and lots of cheese.

Psychological Profile: Report of Counselor Barin Xerox (University of Betazed) excerpts from 2396 to 2399:

  • Despite her being a bit of what earth humans call a “tomboy”, Miss Tyrax has nonetheless managed to fit into the University’s social structure with fewer rough patches than expected (it was rather kind of the bar owner Mr Brel not to press charges, given the degree of damage to his establishment. I am also pleased that Sakarra offered to help clean up the charred locale without being prompted by anyone to do so. I have however emphasized to her that she should from now on steer clear of alcoholic beverages!) Her risk assessment abilities are, by her own admittance, not very well developed but I have seen at least some progress in this area.
  • Update: Really, it’s a rather good thing that Miss Tyrax is such a charming young lady, although what her parents were thinking when they opted to forgo the traditional genetic bonding, I do not know. The recent “misunderstanding” with yet another potential suitor has this time resulted in the young man coming to some minor physical harm and I am forced to schedule additional counseling sessions. Not only with the slightly battered Mr Oxila but also with Miss Tyrax who seems curiously unaware of the effect she has on some of her fellow students. It would appear, that while being as straight minded as any Betazoid where telepathic and empathic communication is concerned, she has difficulties to interpret the information relayed by others. I have sensed some puzzlement in Miss Tyrax over similar issues in past sessions. Maybe some further research concerning Vulcans and hybrids will shed some light on this.
  • Update and final entry by Barin Xerox: I am deeply saddened by Miss Tyrax’s recent loss and am quite frankly finding it impossible to help her any further. The emotional impact of Lady T’Sora’s death has shattered whatever balance Miss Tyrax had been able to achieve in recent years and the intensity of her grief and anger goes beyond anything that I have ever sensed or even thought possible. Miss Tyrax’s family is shocked by her decision to go to Vulcan, but I wonder whether she’s following an instinct that is beyond our comprehension. I certainly wish her only the best, may the Four Deities guide her journey.

Psychological Profile: Report of Starfleet Academy Medical/Counselor's Office:

  • The Cadet is a very disciplined individual, if somewhat detached. Like most Vulcans she appears quite self-sufficient and shows no indication of any prior trauma.

Other Notes

Sakarra Tyrax - Betazed 2395

Languages: Federation Standard, Betazoid, Vulcan (Ancient and modern Golic, Nel-Gathelkh), Terran Gaelic, some Andorian and Klingon

Hobbys: Surfing, orbital skydiving, singing (Sakarra has been known to entertain close friends and family with anything from Terran opera to Klingon drinking songs, if she’s in the mood she’ll even imitate animal calls like Sehlats, Risian birds or Tarcassian razor beasts).

Favorite foods/beverages: Sadi fruit, Oskoid Fronds, Earth Pizza (tomato and cheese), Vulcan spice tea, coffee. More coffee.

Sakarra states to have basic skills in Vulcan neuropressure and martial arts (including but not limited to Ke-Tarya, Suus Mahna and Khaiya archery). The instructor of her self defense class at Starfleet Academy however wishes to have it placed on record that if those skills are ‘basic’ he’d like to have a ship filled with ‘advanced’ Vulcans and go on to conquer a few empires.

Preferred reading: Shakespeare, Machiavelli, Lord Byron, Dante, K’Ratak

Sakarra Tyrax's UCIP Database File

Sakarra Tyrax as played by I-Chaya

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