Memento Vivere (Plot)

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Plot Details
"Memento Vivere"
Time Period: 241008.15 - 241012.11
Involved Ships: USS Charon Temep`Shar IRW Endless Sky VSS Seleya
Involved Planets: I’Rak Prime
Previous Plot: Sun Serpent
Succeeding Plot: Crossroads


After the breathtaking events of not only observing a star going nova but meeting a new, completely alien lifeform, the past once more catches up with Charon. A forbearer of disaster yet to come, a Romulan scout ship decloaks and the gravely injured woman who has sought out the Federation ship so far from home is none other than the Endless Sky's political officer and former lover to Itsak tr`Sahen, Shiarrael's estranged cousin.

Despite her misgivings about the agency, t`Rehu takes the woman on board and learns that Itsak was supposed to hand over the Vulcan wormhole technology to the Tal’Shiar along with a sample of the Memento Mori. But the Vaek'Riov seems to have plans of his own, beginning with the murder of the political officers in his wing and driven by a deep hatred for his father's race - the Vulcans. Which he is now able to eradicate thanks to a cruel twist of fate.

Alarmed by the news, the Captain attempts to send a warning to the Federation but whether the call is heard remains unkown - for Itsak has followed the last surviving Tal'Shiar's trail and surrounds the ship with a dozen warbirds, demanding not only surrender but every Vulcan on board.

Unknown to Charon's beleaguered crew, the Quantum Fury under command of Khiy Kanryth has arrived but can only watch as the Starfleet ship is towed back to I'Rak Prime, where the 23rd Fleet makes ready ... for war.

Will the loyal Romulans truly follow their Vaek'Riov who claims to seek the seat of Praetor and commit a genocide that will plunge the Empire into a new war? Will Itsak's cousin risk, even sacrifice the lives of her own children for her crew and a Federation planet? And how the hell (pardon my French) are we going to get out of this?



241008.21 Plot Notes

  • For once, Charon gets to fulfill her primary mission and actually be a science ship. Observing a supernova in all its glory, and up close, too, thanks to a sympathetic space Dragon. But the champagne hasn’t even yet had time to arrive in anyone’s bloodstream when trouble finds us once more, this time in form of a mortally injured Tal’Shiar officer requesting to meet Shiarrael t`Rehu. Seems the virus that decimated the population of Ch'Dabhae and countless others is now in the hands of the same Vaek’Riov who took the Vulcan ship Temep`Shar from under our noses.
  • The implications become all too clear when the escaped political officer informs Shiarrael of her former lover’s plans. Rather than turn over the ship and wormhole device to the Tal’Shiar, tr`Sahen plans to use it for an attack on Vulcan, a planet and race he despises after his father abandoned the family, leading to his mother’s early death. On Sakarra’s recommendation the Captain orders a warning to be transmitted to the Federation, but before decisions concerning our own predicament can be made, a dozen Warbirds decloak, demanding surrender. Yup, we’re screwed. Again. Though one should mention that the only reason the Rihanha and the Vulcan prefer surrender over being blown to bits is that vaporized people can neither warn anyone nor hit their would be captors over the head later.
  • A few rather luckless Gai’Shian learn to their detriment that it is unwise to startle a Marine in his barracks, though they naturally will be unable to impart that wisdom on anyone. Unwilling to follow an order that contains any word as foolish as ‘surrender’, Brent Warren takes to the Jefferies tubes and with some unofficial help from ever optimistic Savant starts a private little war. Big war. Mayhem, even. Whether it is the SNAFU (sic!), the fact a certain Vulcan has been taken captive or simply plain irritation over such rudeness that makes the good Marine employ rather harsh tactics is anyone’s guess however.
  • Said Vulcan has in the meantime arrived on the IRW Endless Sky, along with every other of her species from Charon. With good half of the crew shackled in the cargo bays and the other half taken to the Warbird, it’s by now rather obvious the Vaek’Riov is specifically after the Vulcans, in addition to any data concerning the Temep`Shar. And perhaps it should not have come as a surprise that tr`Sahen remembers his cousin’s thaessu very well indeed, even going so far as to greet her personally on board before throwing her into a bulkhead. The resulting attack by a furious Voran brings with it a circumstance which may after all prove fortuitous, since tr`Sahen is now convinced to have killed Sakarra’s ... lover. No, it does not count as Kal-if-fee.
  • Searching for some edible, say non-replicated food, and perhaps some friendly company, poor Ian Lamont finds the exact opposite in the form of Gai’Shian boarding forces. Since the diplomat has no taste for desperate last stance scenarios, he decides on a somewhat unconventional course of action (well, if you’re not Ian, that is) and heads for his home away from home – the ship’s brig. Shame about the Ale, though.

Back Logs:

  • A long anticipated match finally unravels on the USS Quantum Fury as Khiy Kanryth and Aria Falcon beat each other bloody in an Andorian arena. Setting rage and experience against the Romulan’s unnatural speed, the Marine Chick (sic!) scores a victory, though by her own admission she may “not look like it tomorrow”. Well, at least the Cardassian is happy.
  • After having received rather a talking-to by Savannah McCoy concerning the small fact she nearly killed the Fury’s Captain, Aria Falcon decides to pay same person a visit and finds him alive – though in his usual, dry mood. Unable to get the irritating woman to leave him in peace, Khiy finds it prudent to at least impart some information, namely that they have lost contact with Charon and might be headed for trouble. Again.
  • The tradition of unusual and hilarious first dates on Charon is continued by Ian Lamont and Nimue Andraste, this time in the form of a seasoned ambassador acting like a nervous teen and a pilot acting like … well, a pilot. With a dog.
  • Landon Neyes is interrupted in his exercise regimen by an inquisitive Savant, and after the Trill’s initial annoyance subsides he finds the AI a most interesting conversation partner indeed. Though the Ulysses quote may raise more questions than it answers …
  • Aria Falcon’s encounter with the floating ghost being can be described as no less intriguing, though it sure is something to see the Marine Chick puzzled. Ever amicable Savant for her part has yet more data for her personality models and even earns herself an invitation to train with the Marines. Like they don’t manage to break enough stuff all by themselves.
  • Finally retiring herself and her bruises for the night, Aria learns about her bunkmate Samantha Davis before being positively fussed over by the timid yeoman. Considering the girl’s history, perhaps one should not be surprised about the little bit of ‘Hero-worship’ for the tough as nails Marine, but it sure throws an interesting light on Aria that she seems to be protective of the yeoman. But you call her mother hen at your own risk.

241008.28 Plot Notes

  • Not surprisingly, Shiarrael doesn’t mind disruptor rifles as much as she is irritated by rudeness, though the hard learned lesson is of little value to a group of Gai’Shian on account of them ending dead for it. In her usual straightforward manner, the Captain makes for her quarters to retrieve better gunnery but before she can deal out the hurt she intends, she must find that Itsak has beaten her to it and holds her children hostage.
  • A no less disgruntled Commander Falcon weaves his way through the ship and by a stroke of luck (for him, not the Romulans) catches a lone Marine’s attention. Naturally, the two men are up to serious havoc in no time, taking out a patrol with explosive enthusiasm, leaving booby traps and bloody messages in their wake. Whether the Romulans will truly abandon all hope remains to be seen, but they’ll sure have figured out that death comes for them. Headless, too.
  • Miranda Xavier gets to ponder the philosophical issue why Gai’Shian always seem to appear around a corner when one wear a fine ball gown, but the El-Aurian wastes little time to change attire after wisely avoiding an initial confrontation. Another one makes for the Jefferies tubes, and this time it’s a lady with an attitude.
  • Upon arrival at the brig, Ambassador Lamont is greeted by a Romulan rifle connecting rather forcefully with the diplomat’s head. Though being captured and beaten for the fun of it seems to spell the end of Ian’s spirited attempt at resistance, help arrives in the unexpected form of a cunning mercenary. Over the objections of a befuddled security officer, Aev tr`Keirianh and his would-be prisoners make for the shuttle bay. As usual, whenever Ian thinks his day can’t get any worse - it does. And while the sight of beheaded Romulans should suffice to turn any poor diplomat’s stomach, it’s in fact the bloody writings on the wall that make him wish they had taken a detour.
  • Somewhere on the IRW Endless Sky, Itsak tr'Sahen and his faithful Hanaj endeavor to find out just how much it takes to make a Vulcan scream. Or two of them, since comparing notes can only be helpful. Though their declared goal is certainly to obtain the Vulcan ship schematics in LtCmdr Sakarra’s personal database, their unrestrained enthusiasm makes one wonder if their playful nature isn’t going a bit overboard. As it happens however, one of the Vulcans is in fact Savant’s android conducting reconnaissance – and getting a lesson in Vulcanoid anatomy and behavior patterns. No less surprising perhaps is the discovery that torturing a Vulcan with a rare twist to her genes only makes her … relax. Or so it would seem.
  • The USS Quantum Fury arrives at her long journey’s destination only to find they are in fact too late. Not only is Charon surrounded by Warbirds who take her in tow and jump to warp before Commander Kanryth can formulate a plan to aid the beleaguered ship, but in a poor imitation of Captain Dread the Romulan officer left in charge begins to evacuate Starfleet personnel via the airlock to force a surrender of the forces still loose and fighting back. Something tells me this won’t go over well.
  • Holed up in the ship’s maintenance areas, a young engineer is confronted with his own mortality. Though Jack Fellos II is for the moment safe and out of view, he wouldn’t be an engineer if he wouldn’t get creative soon enough.
  • In an ironic turn of fate, the Russian bear Chernienko is rescued from the creatures he reviles above all others by none other than a Romulan child and his faithful sidekick Nohtho. Having acquired far too much experience with Gai’Shian in his past, Nveid not only managed to avoid patrols but scavenge for useful things, most of all weapons and food.

Back Logs:

  • Dr Anderson receives a pleasant visitor in the Quantum Fury’s sickbay, meaning a crewman actually showing up voluntarily for a checkup and not even grumbling at him. Though young Miss Davis is not quite ready to go orbital skydiving, the good doctor authorizes light exercise and extracts a promise that Samantha eat better. Well, he shall have an eager ally on Charon for sure, Miss Betty loves nothing better than feed her crew like Christmas turkeys.

241009.04 Plot Notes

  • En route to I’Rak Prime, Itsak tr'Sahen wastes little time to see about obtaining decryption codes for the data found in T'Pelar’s quarters – not quite what he had hoped for, but enough to patch together Temep`Shar and the wormhole device to suit his purpose.
  • Nikolai Chernienko and his unlikely allies Nveid and a cheerful Fvai gear up to join up with the mysterious resistance fighters who leave an impressive number of dead Romulans in their wake (though not much else). To the Marine’s surprise, the child has not only smuggled the Vulcan’s sword out of her quarters but a datachip containing Temep`Shar’s schematics. Talk about a quick thinking kid.
  • Desperate to do something and haunted by the screams of crew being executed, Jack Fellos II configures a tricorder to contact Savant but unfortunately being stuffed into a pocket calculator doesn’t do much to increase the good AI’s helpfulness. A plan to simply take the airlocks out of commission is scratched due to Romulan tendency to only get more creative, but one may assume the engineer hasn’t pulled the last hyperspanner out of his hat.
  • A badly injured Vulcan wakes in the Commander’s quarters on the IRW Endless Sky and has barely time to come to terms with the fact her emotional and biofeedback control are still severely compromised, when tr`Sahen returns with her trusted adjutant ‘Yyaio’ aka Savant in impressive disguise in tow. Though the Vulcan android is far from operating at peak efficiency due to having suffered her own innovative torture, she manages to not only look after Charon’s XO as per their captor’s orders but continue her quiet, stealthy analysis of the Romulan computer network.
  • Three days. That’s how much time ‘Yyaio’, the Vulcan who is none needs to infiltrate the Romulan ships and begin to wreak all sorts of creative havoc. But since the average lifespan of her race on board the Endless sky is significantly less than that, LtCmdr Sakarra resorts to what one may safely call desperate, ‘grasping at straws’ measures. The overwhelming success however – not so much in regards to infiltrating the ship’s computer but in becoming a distraction for the Vaek’Riov – surprises even the Vulcan herself. Actually, no. It doesn’t. Good luck in getting her to tell you though.
  • Stuck in a cell on the space station orbiting I’Rak Prime, Shiarrael t`Rehu can’t help aiming her barbed humor at a poor Galae security guard and later, at some unexpected allies springing her from prison. Baffled that her cousin would not only allow for her children to be snatched from his care but Charon to still be in rebellion, the Captain seems to take the arrival of Commander Kanryth in stride. Not that she’s going to look a gift Fvai in the mouth. Aye, it’s on now…

Back Logs:

  • Landon Neyes decides for a nightly stroll to the mess hall after his arm implants give him trouble enough to make sleep quite impossible and is surprised to find another crewmember nursing a hot chocolate so late at ship’s night. As luck will have it, the other night owl is none other than Dr Anderson and after an amicable talk about the assignment both officers are headed to, the Trill gets his arm treated in Auden’s typical gentle but no-nonsense fashion. Too bad Landon won’t get any sleep after all – nor finish his cocoa – because suddenly the Quantum Fury goes to red alert. Batten down the hatches, lads, this one will be ugly.
  • K`tara Sevarius boards the Quantum Fury and luckily (for the other guy) no one makes an issue of the half-Klingon’s ceremonial dagger. Still, the security officer is left to wonder what kind of assignment she’s accepted if her transport is already commanded by a Romulan.
  • Before leaving for his first assignment out of the academy Jack Fellos II proposes to his long-time girlfriend Callah, but the young woman asks for time to consider.
  • A clandestine operation comes to an exciting end when the Klingon ship Koragh finally intercepts the sellers of a powerful Andorian artifact awaiting their Breen buyers. Naturally, a cheerful space battle ensues and it’s mostly thanks to the timely arrival of the USS Andropov that the Klingons don’t have to figure out whether it’s a good day to die. Thus having completed his mission, Oberic Sierra seems content to find a replacement to take his post on Charon.

241009.11 Plot Notes

  • Quiet and undetected, Savant picks her path into the Romulan processing environment. While the prospect of rewriting one’s very self, infiltrate the enemy by becoming the enemy, might be daunting to some, the good AI seems positively excited by the notion (as far as Savant allows herself to go all out like that). That her poor android self Yyaio has to suffer more hideous torment in the meantime appears an acceptable price to pay to her, perhaps even another learning experience. Though I’d dread to think what conclusions the good AI is drawing from this in her opinion of organics as a whole …
  • Never one to shun an opportunity to make an entrance with a bang (in this case flashbang) Captain t`Rehu sees about freeing a good contingent of her crew from one of the cargo bays and the luckless Gai’Shian in her way at least have the solace of not having to suffer… long. And since naturally Shia’s crew are not known to be slackers, (dazed and half blind they may be, but a salute they manage all the same) they promptly go on the hunt for weapons or other practical items that will help in getting their ship back. While Hanaj is already aware of the situation, he is also quite content to not expend any more effort but rather assembles the wing. Yup, they’re about to open the first test wormhole. Time’s running out.
  • Brent Warren and Commander Falcon remain the nightmare of every Romulan on Charon and rather than feel motivated to surrender by their crewmates being tossed out of airlocks, determine how to put a stop to it once and for all. Meaning, they go right to the source of the issue and dispose of any Gai’Shian guards before dragging away the responsible officer to execute her – quite ruthlessly and employing nothing found in any Starfleet manual but one may assume they made their point. Especially since they broadcast the entire torture across the ship.
  • The Tal’Shiar is coming. Run if you can and … well, if you can’t, … try. Really, did anyone think they wouldn’t be disgruntled over having their officers killed? Thus far, a sub-general who prefers to remain nameless is content to pick apart the traitor’s fleet but when they get close enough to really announce how annoyed they are it might be a good idea not to stick around. As if our week wasn’t lousy enough already. Now we are ‘complications’.
  • On board the IRW Endless Sky, an imprisoned Vulcan scientist must watch not only a bloodied, tortured T'Pelar and a dead V’Ket commander being returned to the cell, but the final uprising of the latter’s two comrades that ends as it must, with dead Romulans littering the floor and the last V’Ket slain. Even the Vulcans’ creative ways of thwarting the cruel Memento Mori virus from effectively adapting to their species seem doomed at last, and the number of prisoners only continues to dwindle …
  • An engineer is getting creative. More than that, Jack Fellos II enlists Savant’s help once more to make his way to main deflector control undetected and put the salvaged Romulan comm badge to good use. Very good use, since now everyone with an ear out for poor besieged Charon might pick up a carrier wave that transmits Romulan communications.
  • Stuck in his quarters and trying his best to stay off the radar of the invading Romulans, counselor Morgan ponders the virtues of glorious combat versus exercising the better part of valor. As it happens the memory of an old half-Klingon friend combined with Shiarrael’s broadcast urging the crew to take back the ship convinces the good counselor that every once in a while it’s appropriate to hit people over the head. Now all he needs to figure out is how to go about this messy business.
  • Dots. Dots on a tricorder. That is about all Jack Fellos II has to go on in his desperate search for fellow crewmembers in need, and though he manages to give aid and comfort to at least a few, he also has to come to terms that for at least one, help was simply too late.
  • Rather worse for wear, Lt Athalla emerges from the Jefferies tubes onto the flight deck and manages to avoid Romulan guards only to run straight into another pointy ear upon gaining access to a shuttle. Luckily, it’s not one to shoot at him for once but in fact the mercenary tr`Keirianh, temporary if unexpected ally of an equally disheveled ambassador Lamont. Though one should think the beleaguered fugitives have bigger worries, a heated debate concerning the best course of action ensues, with the poor ambassador for once at the end of words. Send a message – check. Sabotage – meh. Wanton destruction? Definite check. Now did no one ever tell you people that fighter pilot plus explosives equals more mayhem than even wanton destruction can describe?

Back Logs:

  • Chef is back. And his chili. For once however it’s not only Charon’s crew who suffer the effect of ten alarms that could melt bulkheads but the rude Romulans invading the kitchen. How dare they anyways, enter the ship’s sacred galley without offerings. Not even an onion. No, they had the sauté pan coming and no mistake, though the rolling pin will have to be re-examined under Geneva conventions. Having secured their domain, the cooks put the luckless Romulans on ice and if there are any more puns, please seek them on the mess hall menu. After we won. Hopefully.
  • Somewhere on the fringes of known space, a marvel amongst marvels unfolds in utter quiet as the runabout Chrysalis breaks its cocoon and transforms not only itself but sets to work on rearranging … well, a whole star system it seems, though there’s no harm in starting small – and unfortunately, all of this happens completely unobserved. Well, except for Savant but she’ll likely not care to share … yet?
  • After a long night of honoring tradition (read: drinking until utterly ‘faced’), Charon’s small contingent of pilots is rudely interrupted in their beauty sleep by – Romulans. Naturally. Unfortunately, surrender is not written in a fighter jock’s DNA even when completely drenched in alcohol and the brief, violent fight leaves Leon Athalla as the only survivor of a small but once very happy bunch. And thus another escapee takes to the Jefferies tubes, only since this is a pilot he’s instinctively drawn to the illicit ‘still’ as a hideout. Too bad the Romulans found it first. Even worse, all that good booze is going up in flames when Leon goes for a desperate last stand and miraculously survives the ensuing explosion. Off he goes to score bonus points. May the Gods have mercy on us all …
  • Near the Issian Nebula the USS Sydney encounters a badly damaged Warbird with all but seven survivors on board. Though the counselor’s first concern is naturally the medical and mental needs of the crew in distress, his CO takes a somewhat harsher stance on the people who once held her prisoner. But the day seems to hold more surprises when the first Romulan appearing on the viewscreen seems to know the Captain.
  • Jack Fellos II meets a charming young Betazoid after having shooed away a rather persistent and quite drunk would-be suitor and the conversation quickly turns to relationships and the pitfalls of long distances.
  • Yet another interesting personal encounter in the mess hall leads to a friendship for the good engineer after he politely declines a young woman’s flirtations. But in his mission to give romance a chance to bloom any place, Jack plays match maker with a dear colleague. Unbeknownst to him the happy couple is amongst the first to be executed by the Romulans.

241009.18 Plot Notes

  • Aria Falcon and her Marines gear up to secure the airlock where Charon is docked to the Romulan station and quite to their surprise a little friend offers her help. Never one to go by the books as it is, the Colonel is ready to let Sam tag along and be useful, if only because she recognizes the young yeoman’s genuine desire to make a difference.
  • After securing the shuttlebay with an expertly executed surprise attack (and lots of dumb luck), Leon Athalla and his band of happy demolition forces prepare for a bonfire of the interesting sort. Though Ian Lamont is less than sanguine about the strategy of distracting and diverting forces by essentially blowing the entire shuttle bay to bits, the freed personnel and even the mercenary tr`Keirianh seem determined to do just that. The end result however stuns even the most enthusiastic advocates of the plan as with just a tad of delay the entire section of the ship goes to fiery hell, forcing every last one of the happy pyromaniacs to make a run for it. Shame about the ambassador lagging behind. He might have preferred the heat over the Romulans.
  • On board the IRW Endless Sky a disgruntled doctor is ordered to patch up a Vulcan – quite a waste of time in her opinion since the Vaek’Riov likely will ruin her work again as it is. Though the Starfleet Commander presents a bit of a medical mystery on top of her many injuries, Saeihr at least gets to apply some of the knowledge she has dug up in the database.
  • A young Tal’Diann officer is shocked to find out what is happening to the Federation ship he’s been observing and even more horrified to learn of tr`Sahen’s plans to attack Vulcan. Unsure how to proceed or whom to trust with this information, Lhaetan tr`Valkar is forced to make a decision when it becomes clear he is being followed – by a soldier loyal to the Vaek’Riov. In the end though it is the ever elusive yet always present concept of mnei’sahe that compels the young officer to take a stand against tr`Sahen, in this case by removing Captain t`Rehu’s twins from his grasp and taking them on a desperate escape attempt through the station’s environment conduits.
  • The planet Vulcan has deployed its defensive forces after a garbled message has been received, warning of an imminent attack. While most ships are deployed to the outer rims of the system or patrolling the asteroid belt, the VSS Seleya and a visiting Starfleet ship remain in orbit – even after the readings of a wormhole opening just behind the outermost planet are confirmed.
  • Ambassador Lamont experiences the down side of being a man of peace when a Romulan soldier who is quite the opposite fails to appreciate a stubborn human with a dry sense of humor. Bloodied and beaten, Ian witnesses his tormentor getting shot for being stupid (an approach with some inherent logic for certain) and must then face a difficult decision – and soul searching while bleeding all over the place has never been fun. Tell the crew who is still fighting to surrender, possibly save lives … or go out in a blaze of … well, just a blaze, really.

Back Logs:

  • Two of the transferring officers meet in the Quantum Fury’s mess hall to share some food and even though Ensign Neyes has not had experience with earth horses, he can be persuaded to a trip to the holodeck to stave off the inevitable boredom of the lengthy trip.

241009.25 Plot Notes

  • Aria Falcon and her intrepid band of Marines plus one resourceful little yeoman dish out a fair amount of hurt on the Romulan space station while securing the airlock where Charon is still docked. While Sam is amassing an impressive amount of weaponry during her mad dashes between the Marines stemming against the Romulan tide and the airlock, the good Colonel is doing what she does best, meaning employ quite straightforward means to achieve her ends. Ends as in making quite a few poor Romulans regret they ever go out of bed that day.
  • Itsak tr'Sahen for his part would have ample reason to revel in victory, but has to come to the conclusion that Karma is indeed a … canine of the female persuasion. The wormhole technology does work at last, and the virus is ready and loaded - but one of the things the Vaek’Riov’s sire really should have mentioned to his son at some point are the pitfalls of the Vulcan heart.
  • Poor ambassador Lamont remains true to his family motto and despite being under threat of more torture and a quite unpleasant death calls the Charon crew not to surrender but in fact increase their valiant efforts to retake the ship. Wonder of wonders, he manages to irritate the Romulan officer even more after that when his access codes, drawn from the bleeding human with typical persuasive measures, turn out to be a clever little insult. Ah, will someone please rescue our favorite nuisance now? Would be a shame if this would prove his undoing at last …
  • Astonishingly enough, the Romulan forces have not yet caught on to a possible connection between a severely unhappy Marine and the fact all the Vulcans have been removed from the ship, but seeing as everyone is rather busy it is at least understandable. And of course the fact this particular Marine has a very good idea about what is truly slumbering in the Vulcan heart is as invisible as the bond that tells him his beloved is still alive. Determined to get not only the ship but his little Vulcan back, Brent Warren sets out to wreak havoc in the cargo bay where some of his Marines are still held captive and with those reinforcements secured, makes for main engineering. One may expect even the small matter of incurring an injury at last will hardly slow him down.
  • Charon’s little ones entertain themselves by throwing pastry at their Gai’Shian guards (what did you expect? They see Romulans every day – two more are hardly an issue if you’re pals with Shia’s kids…) and the fact that suddenly a massive Klingon appears to knock the armed guards out cold is no reason to stop pestering Marcello for candy. Still, the adults think it’s a good idea to relocate lest someone decides to use the children as leverage against the Starfleet personnel rising up against their captors and so the entire kit’n’kaboodle heads out on a merry adventure.
  • Lost and bewildered, a Betazoid exo-botanist wanders the corridors looking for any Romulans to shoot and finds Jack Fellos II instead. Never one to look a gift engineer in the toolkit, Merl Grax happily teams up with his new ally and the two begin to plot creative ways to irritate Romulans.

241010.02 Plot Notes

  • An unhappy pilot and a perhaps even less cheerful Romulan mercenary hide out in one of Charon’s classrooms to debate their strategy – or lack thereof. While Leon Athalla is all for knocking out gravity generators and go on a ‘shoot floating Romulans’ spree, Aev tr`Keirianh has surprising reservations, fearing more repercussions for Charon’s crew. Before the two set out to create chaos once more, the Romulan convinces Leon to keep a fairly won honor blade which seems to fascinate the pilot.
  • Shia is back on her bridge. It only took dispatching a few more rude intruders to do it, but her day isn’t getting any better when her XO remains unaccounted for and not only are the Tal’Shiar coming in to ruin everyone’s party but the Endless Sky is making for the wormhole to Vulcan. A wormhole that incidentally has blown a large amount of defense satellites and a poor Starfleet ship to near shrapnel upon opening dangerously close to the planet.

241010.09 Plot Notes

  • Landon Neyes makes ready to see his new office, though other than most engineers he has to bring weapons along thanks to a minor Romulan infestation in his domain. The fact that the Neyes symbiont is a terrible shot and thus every host is doomed from the start adds a bit of a wrinkle to the situation but we all know engineers think of guns as things that break their beloved machinery anyways. And at least this Trill has been a Marine once, not to mention knows how to use cutlery.
  • An agitated Shiarrael in the center seat once more, Charon barrels into the wormhole after the Endless Sky, much to Hanaj’s surprise seeing as the Federation ship is little more than a bucket of bolts held together by spit and hope at this point. But the Captain is not content to simply shoot all we have at her cousin (big surprise there) and intents to lead a boarding party, exploiting a small weakness in the D’Dherex shields. Oh, and she’ll let Ian have the bridge. Buckle up, we are SO going in.
  • Surrounded by Marines up to no good, the Captain prepares to get her XO back and finds Brent Warren quite insistent on accompanying her. Though Shia has naturally some misgivings about bringing a Vulcan’s understandably disgruntled (okay, furious) mate along on the ride, she can be persuaded – but not before shooting a bulkhead to prove a point. Aria on the other hand is just happy she’ll get to shoot people and blow stuff to kingdom come. Very uncomplicated woman, that.
  • Lost and bewildered, Charon’s Trill archaeologist first encounters a tribble and then a rather reassuring figure in form of the new Chief Engineer – though fortunately no Romulans, since she has no idea how to actually use a phaser rifle. Ever the gentleman, Landon Neyes decides to not abandon the fellow Trill and even finds her a valuable ally in getting to his domain undetected and with only a few minor detours. His office however is as Romulan-infested as the rest of engineering which hardly deters the good engineer. Or slows him down, as it were. A bit annoyed to learn we actually have Rihannsu that wear the wrong uniform but are ours anyways, Landon still takes the whole mess in stride and disposes of the intruders in a slightly destructive, yet undoubtedly creative way. Warp core overload in progress … one of these days someone will say “What, again?”
  • Perhaps the only person in a fifty lightyear radius to be positively delighted at the circumstances, Onarin Kaen seems unsure which is more exciting – the Tal’Shiar cutting a traitorous fleet to pieces or his Captain coolly ordering the destruction of the Romulan space station. Well, he had mostly aimed for the device that had linked with Temep`Shar to open the wormhole but Khiy Kanryth is hardly a man for half measures. It’s a good thing though they manage to slip past the event horizon before everything around I’Rak Prime goes almost literally donut-shaped.

Back Logs:

  • Leon Athalla and his hastily assembled band of … ‘people who have no better idea than follow a happy go lucky pilot’ hide out in the freezing confines of Charon’s environmental control systems and attempt the impossible – educate teachers and engineers how to be soldiers, stop bickering and hatch a plan how to kill Romulans. Oh, and surviving the whole thing, too.
  • Another group of unlikely allies makes their way through the ship to inflict the largest possible amount of grief upon the invaders – the Russian Marine, little Nveid and the Captain’s pet literally drop in on a Gai’Shian patrol, and though they hadn’t exactly planned it like that emerge mostly intact from the melee.
  • Even romance of a sort seems to blossom under the vexed circumstances Charon finds herself in as Commander Tisdale ends up stuck with a lovely, infuriating Vulcan V’Ket, crawling through the ship’s maintenance ways until the poor ambassador’s desperate call to arms makes Robert want to bang his head against a wall and prompts T’Min to head for the bridge. Not like they had better plans, anyways.

241010.16 Plot Notes

  • A harried nurse must once more ponder why she never gets to care for handsome Marines or security officers but instead ends up with talkative Bolians and melodramatic ambassadors, though she is rid of the latter in short order when the terribly disheveled Lamont insists on being taken to the bridge. If only he had stayed in sickbay, for Captain Dread’s first order of business is to give the center chair to the bloodied ambassador before she heads out to get her Vulcan back. Never say Shia has no sense of humor, even under the most dire of circumstances. Recovering his flair for the dramatic, Ian has Charon barrel after the Endless Sky to somehow get the Captain on board without getting blown to bits in the process and even has enough air for a small motivational speech to the crew.
  • Determined to explain in person to a certain Vaek’Riov why it was unwise to leave a pair of Kalen daggers within her reach, LtCmdr Sakarra still has enough of her wits left about her to first see whether crafty Savant has gained a foothold on the Endless Sky yet. And though what answers her discrete inquiry is a bit unexpected (the Rihannsu ship a club in desperate need of entertainment? Ah, nothing could be further from the … wait a minute …), the Vulcan and the AI seem to understand each other just fine. But the two are running out of time when the wormhole to Vulcan opens. Gaining ground by the minute, Savant prepares to snatch the ship from under the crew’s noses while a bleeding Vulcan heads for the bridge, leaving quite a bit of mayhem in her path.
  • The Endless Sky’s arrival in orbit of Vulcan coincides with a rather irate specimen of the planet’s inhabitants storming the bridge, obviously intent on killing the Vaek’Riov on the spot. As it happens, Sakarra decides interfering in Charon’s destruction and stopping the launch of the other two torpedoes carrying the Memento Mori virus takes priority, and is aided in no small part by her faithful adjutant Yyaio, aka Savant’s android come back from the dead. Not surprisingly, the little Vulcan ends up getting shot after all (no, she’s neither Wonder Woman nor indestructible, though good luck getting her to admit it) and ironically it’s Itsak tr'Sahen who prevents the disruptor bolt from being immediately fatal. Still, chances are it will do the job with little delay and the Vaek’Riov is left with the realization that his actions might well have led to the death of the one person he … wanted very much to live.
  • The Captain and Brent Warren are deposited on the IRW Endless Sky along with some Marines itching for payback. Never one to waste time with rude people, Shiarrael storms through the Gai’Shian sent to meet them (that girl is having way too much fun) and if there’s less resistance than expected – well, Savant and the little Vulcan have been keeping everyone a tad busy. Still more than enough to go around. Their arrival on the bridge turns the raging mayhem there into full blown chaos, and even though Riov Yhisu gets scorched a bit she manages to prevent her enraged Marine Lieutenant from getting shot after Brent Warren goes for the man who took away his mate – and appears to have killed her, too.
  • Somewhere down below, Aria Falcon and her fellow Marines practice their art, meaning do much harm with little numbers. Much, much harm. While Sgt Walker and his troops dig in Gettysburg style to prevent any intrusion on the party, the explosive expert has a field day taking out not only the remaining torpedoes and Memento Mori production facilities, but energy transfer points for the shields. After all, wouldn’t be a good idea to stick around too long after the job is done. By the time the Marines return to Charon they have once more left an impressive calling card … but little else. For wholesale destruction call 1-800-Aria.

Back Logs:

  • Oddly at peace with himself and the universe, Ian Lamont is prepared to face the consequences of defying his Romulan torturer but an unexpected ally arrives in the nick of time. None other than his counterpart assigned to I’Rak Prime turns out to be the ambassador’s cavalry, as Lhaerrh tr`Terik uses all the weight he has to throw around to snatch Ian from the irate Riov’s grasp and drag him to sickbay.
  • Far away on the still peaceful planet Vulcan Paul Stafford is invited to give a lecture on Bendii syndrome at the Science Academy and manages on behalf of Starfleet medical who believe his paper to be not only of interest to the Vulcans but sufficient to generate some good press. Well, can’t say about the latter but the former seem satisfied enough.

241010.23 Plot Notes

  • The battle over Vulcan unfolds with the planet’s defense forces woefully unprepared – not only have all but two ships been drawn away by the feint attack but the wormhole opening so close has left a good amount of defense satellites in tatters. Though planet based guns and fighter squadrons respond immediately the midden has indeed hit the windmill and even the arrival of an irate Marine and a furious Shiarrael on the Endless Sky’s bridge can neither stop the launched torpedo with Memento Mori nor the Warbirds preparing to blow Seleya to bits. Even as the drama plays out over Vulcan, a private tragedy reaches its violent climax as Brent Warren confronts the Vaek’Riov who took away his love and appears to have killed her – or at least caused her death. While Shia manages to save the Marine from meeting an untimely end she does get scorched a tad in the process and can only exchange a few, though meaningful words with her cousin before tr`Sahen dies by the Marine’s hands. Yes, this one does count as Kal-if-fee.
  • Never one to cede even the most hopeless battle, Savant forges onward with her infiltration of the Romulan network, securing the flagship even as the other Warbirds begin to fire on the planet or plunge into the atmosphere after learning that the plan has failed and the Vaek’Riov has been killed. Battered but not beaten the VSS Seleya and the V’Ket cruiser Rala stem against the tide until reinforcements arrive at last. Too late to save Rala or the outskirts of Shir’Kahr after the capitol’s shields constricted under the strain, and certainly too late for a lot of other places that had to deal with Warbirds dropping onto them, but after all is said and done the planet got ... lucky.
  • In the meantime, Ian Lamont gets to be a hero. Yes, poor ambassador Ian, aka Shia’s favored chewtoy and the galaxy’s most luckless diplomat. Stuck in Charon’s big chair and stressed to the point of sweating a stain on the upholstery, Ian bites at the Romulans’ heels with all the tattered ship has left to give and then barrels after the torpedo carrying the Memento Mori in a weird adaptation of the Picard maneuver and sheer foolhardy stubbornness. It only takes scorching Charon during atmospheric entry and then shortening a Vulcan mountain a tad (what scratches on the hull? Oh, you mean the gaping holes. Sorry about that) but he does it. He actually catches the blasted things and reduces it to subatomic particles. Too bad Captain Dread will still have his head for breaking her ship.
  • Unless Landon Neyes gets him first, that is. Barely arrived at his new job, the good engineer must patch a leaking boat while under fire and no, the pilot’s cheerful somersaults aren’t helping, nor is Ian’s shouting for more power. But even a collapsing bulkhead barely slows the determined Trill down, and most certainly he won’t be thwarted by people waving medkits. Eternally the unsung heroes, the engineers somehow keep the ship from falling apart (don’t ask about shedding screws and bolts though) and Neyes even manages to keep a few colleagues from being squished though his arm ends up in just as bad a shape as the ship.
  • Musing over both romance and mortality in her destroyed quarters, Miranda Xavier comes to the conclusion she should no longer put off visiting the planet below though she is understandably unsure what to say to a former lover, not to mention child she hopes to find there. As it happens, the village in question is the sight of a rather destructive impact by a massive Warbird and the El-Aurian leaves without ever seeking the two people she came for among the survivors.
  • Galae’EnRiov tr`Verelan receives the unpleasant news of a Vaek’Riov’s attack on Vulcan in the middle of the night and though the whole tale seems incredible at best, Shiarkek’s intelligence bears out valid. Ordering more ships to the Neutral Zone to ward off any possible counterstrike by the Federation, tr`Verelan notes with a tinge of amusement that transport to ch’Rihan has already been arranged. No, the Praetor won’t be happy.
  • Caught amidst the turmoil, doctor Paul Stafford is recruited to assist with the injured on Vulcan after his transfer to the USS Titan has been delayed and he had actually hoped for either reassignment or some leave. However, the good physician takes to the challenge with a vengeance and even tackles the problem of possible Memento Mori victims.
  • A little Vulcan and several stasis units materialize in the ICU of Te’Rashar’s University Hospital after a harried Savant decided to beam the whole kit’n’kaboodle to the planet that had the best hope of saving the mortally wounded XO. Naturally a certain Marine is not at all happy to find himself whisked away to Charon’s sickbay and soon escapes the annoying doctors to search for his mate. Led on a merry chase across Vulcan and aided by a sympathetic nurse, Brent Warren finds his beloved at the T’Shen monastery only to learn that she is in a deep coma, self-induced by Vulcans who deem their survival chances rather low. A debate over whether the Healers should attempt to preserve the young woman’s Katra or risk losing both it and her in an all-or nothing shot to draw her out of the coma is concluded when the abbot determines the decision is Brent’s to make. And since he’s already there, the Healers enlist the Marine’s help in the endeavor, learning that every once in a while, love and stubbornness indeed conquer all.

Back Logs:

  • Poor Ian Lamont learns about the pitfalls of sitting in the ‘Hot Seat’ and even has a second to muse over the Captain’s irritation with meddling diplomats before Charon catches up with her quarry and torpedoes go a-flying. To his credit, the ambassador gets Shiarrael and her team on board the Warbird as promised, even though he scratches her ship somewhat more in the process.
  • En route to Vulcan, Arcos Darye muses over a clandestine meeting on a forlorn asteroid and the turbulent past that led him from entanglements with the Dominion and command of the Warrior to a retirement that now seems to be cut short.

241010.30 Plot Notes

  • Stopping over at Charon to check on his Marines and attack the veritable mountain of paperwork in his office, Brent Warren is surprised by two charming visitors – the impeccable Aria Falcon with a shy little yeoman in tow. In light of Sam’s enthusiasm while helping the Marines, Brent agrees to the young woman’s transfer (Gods know he and his desk are in dire need of an orderly) and just like that, we has a new Hellhound. Oo-rah!
  • Upon his return to the monastery at T’Shen, Brent Warren is greeted by a rare marvel – actual rain. Of course he also has the long overdue run-in with his beloved’s old friend and would-be suitor Sovar, though they postpone the fight in favor of a few veiled insults. Or perhaps it is the arrival of very pregnant T'Para that puts a stop to the males’ behavior since the good lady is in no mood for nonsense, what with the little one kicking all the time. Still, Brent makes a friend there at least with dry wit and attentiveness that just so falls short of annoying an already disgruntled Vulcan. Two friends. Though in case of the young healer seeing to the Marine’s injured shoulder it would be more apt to speak of a crush.
  • It’s not long before the monastery gets turned upside down once again as a little Vulcan won’t wake from her healing trance as she should and Brent in his usual straightforward manner grabs his beloved to jump over a few roofs and into a pond. Whether it’s the shock of cold water or the Marine employing the ‘princess method’ that finally brings Sakarra out of her trance is a matter for debate, but one can hardly argue with success.
  • On Ch’Rihan the Praetor must deal with the political fallout of tr`Sahen’s actions and while t`Cretak is understandably annoyed and not looking forward to dealing with the Federation, it’s likely the Senate will agree to ceding three worlds to their old foe as reparation. In the midst of her discussion with tr`Verelan who had the Galae presence along the Neutral Zone enforced, the news of an attack to one of the clan estates is bound to ruin t`Cretak’s mood for good.
  • Faced with the daunting task of getting at least some part of Charon back in working order, Landon Neyes receives unexpected help in form of Savant who has re-emerged to find her home in terrible disorder. Not to mention the poor AI is suffering from a little bit of Multiple Personality Disorder herself. While the Trill is certainly not one who relishes ‘Savvy’ bouncing cheerfully through his ship, he’s also practical and wise enough to take any help he can get and promptly puts the extra brain to work.
  • The Captain for her part barely has time to survey the damage and contemplate the irony of her situation before she is interrupted by an Admiral appearing on her battered ship. Yup, there will be an investigation. Hooray for the bureaucrats.

Back Logs:

  • Landon Eirlon Irelle, able pilot but slightly clumsy individual, manages to be late once more for a formal evaluation course and finds himself beamed onto the shuttle – but not before incurring scrapes and bruises and ruining his uniform. Though he happily imparts the news that the Trill Symbiosis Commission has approved Landon for joining, the pall of losing his family overshadows even those joyous events. Unfortunately the joining itself which takes place on Trill only a short time after proves rather turbulent as well, leaving Landon confused and reliving disjointed memories, first and foremost the death of Taylor Neyes, the previous host killed by a Jem’Hadar blade. Someone give the man a break, please?
  • Arcos Darye arrives at Vulcan for scheduled surgery on his arm. A glimpse into his not so distant past reveals a rigorous training exercise to infiltrate a subterranean facility and eliminate a bioweapon.
  • During Charon’s desperate battle, a young doctor is confronted with not only the heavy toll that combat takes on a ship’s crew but the emotional impact of choosing which life to save. After all is said and done, Auden shows grace under pressure indeed and if he finds himself a quiet spot in the aftermath … well, who can blame him?
  • Lhaetan tr`Valkar is still navigating the conduits of the space station orbiting I’Rak Prime with the Captain’s children in tow when he almost literally stumbles over a rather odd Trill. Not that Nitka Zar doesn’t mean well, but as Lhaetan notes so fittingly, talking to oneself is not precisely acceptable social behavior.
  • Still hell-bent on wanton destruction and whatever mayhem they may cause, Leon Athalla and his taciturn sidekick Aev tr`Keirianh find that enlisting a sensor technician to sabotage gravity generators can have unforeseen side effects. Like crashing into ceilings. The good mercenary manages to freeze (literally) a patrol that had been close to overrunning their position, and even loosens a rather wry comment which will make Leon never look at a drink on the rocks quite the same again.
  • And speaking of mayhem – even bleeding all over the place and with a medic stuck to him like a burr, Landon Neyes is unwilling to give up Charon as the poor ship barrels into Vulcan’s atmosphere to take the top off some mountains. Though I daresay even with a Trill’s lifespan the sight of his engineering section after we survived against the odds is something new.

241011.06 Plot Notes

Memorable Quotes

241008.21 Scuttlebutt

  • “What's with the pop, storing fire crackers in your thighs?”

(The one and only Aria Falcon – no, he’s just … a party animal. Really.)

  • “Unlike Captain Rehu's typical suggestion for a variety of situations, I am hoping airlocks are not a part of any proposed solution”

(Ian Lamont – not on a first date, anyways.)

  • “One down. Countless trillions left to go...”

(Brent Warren – that’s the spirit!)

  • “I may not have to jog, but the entities in a computer network can be downright vicious, Sir”

(Savant – I’ll take your word for it.)

241008.28 Tall Tales

  • “So. You're making me work then?”

(Auden Anderson – aye, she be doing that. You’re a doctor, not a … something else.)

  • “Glad to see someone else made it past those damn space elves.”

(Jade Falcon – thank you for that mental image, Commander. Really.)

  • “How could I be so dense?”

(Ian Lamont – as requested, we shall let this stand … as is)

  • “I am quite intimate with Charon's databases.”

(Savant – thank you for that mental image as well…)

241009.04 Ship's inofficials

  • “Hello, Sir. Can I help you today?”

(Savant – the ship cleaned of Romulans, and I’ll have some fries with that.)

  • “Well now. It seems we have a problem, lady Vulcan.”

“I should think that much is obvious, Vaek’Riov.”

(Itsak and Sakarra – A whole story … in two sentences. No way these two are not pointy eared. )

  • “You attract too much trouble.”

(Khiy Kanryth – that Shia does. It’s magnetism.)

241009.11 Memorables

  • “They have cut me off.”

(Shia – as if boarding her ship and killing her crew hadn’t been rude enough. Talk about last straw. Everyone, please find your favorite foxhole … now.)

  • “Suits me! If we ask nicely do you think they’ll let us leave?”

(Leon Athalla – ask nicely and throw phasers. One or the other should work.)

  • They had taken a Federation Starship. Complications. The Agency hated complications.

(Nameless Tal’Shiar Sub-General – Oh dear. Oh, …)

  • He couldn’t help but imagine an armed invasion force of Shiarraels.

(Christopher Morgan – now there’s a thought that would freeze the blood in anyone’s veins …)

241009.18 Chatter

  • “Then I’ll see you in hell.”

(Lhaetan tr`Valkar – heaven for climate, hell for society?)

  • “If we live you can throw the book at me, deal?”

(Leon Athalla – fortunately the good ambassador isn’t too literal-minded.)

  • “My position is sitting. As for our heading and destination it was up - well that is before you and your men so nicely liberated me from the inside of the turboshaft.”

(Ian Lamont – then again …)

241009.25 He said She said

  • “Always taking it in the face, plasma grenade or otherwise.”

(Zazz the Marine – that certainly explains a few things about the good Colonel.)

  • “There is no contradiction in mourning a hated enemy. Nor in love that kills.”

(Excerpt from ancient Vulcan writings, attributed to Sa’atel)

  • “The code is: Golf, Oscar, Tango, Oscar, Hotel, Echo, Lima, Lima.”

(Ian Lamont – irritating to the last? I daresay Shia would agree…)

241010.02 Excerpts

  • “I couldn’t tell you a gravity generator from a hole in the deck.”

(Leon Athalla – you’ll figure it out. Eventually.)

  • “Dispatch security teams to eli- … forgive me, I mean 'apprehend' but should they resist they will certainly be eliminated.”

(Shia – A for effort. I mean, she even knew you can actually apprehend.)

241010.09 Souvenirs

  • “Break the big boy toy, then smash the shields. Check.”

(Aria Falcon – at least someone seems to be having a jolly good time.)

  • “But fear not- I will leaving Ambassador Lamont in charge.”

(Shia – yes. I’m sure everyone feels much better now.)

  • “Vara. Vara Siddon. Archaeologist with a gun. And a tribble. How do you do?”

(Charon’s charming scatterbrain – just another of ‘those’ days.)

  • “We might explode, I suppose it's possible.”

(Landon Neyes – it always reassures me to hear the CEO say that.)

241010.16 Verbatims

  • “Well Ambassador, you look like shit, let get you to medical.”

(Lhaerrh tr`Terik – a to-the-point diplomat. Oh, that I live to see it.)

  • “Welcome to the show, let's move up to the dance floor.”

(Savant – why does it not worry me the AI has turned into a living beatbox?)

  • “Double time? No, I was thinking of an animal- it has a yellow mouth-nose that is flat, and webbed feet. Strange creature that makes the most hideous noises.”

(Shia – aye. Now for the Elements’ sake, toss the grenade and DUCK!)

241010.23 Keepsakes

  • “But if it humors you, know that your thaessu repaid me in full. If only by reminding me that hate has a reason for everything…”

“But love is unreasonable.”

(Itsak and Shiarrael – yes, that would about sum it up, really.)

  • “Someone please find me a pot of hot, black coffee. Coffee is on the house. I am buying.”

(Ian Lamont – well, you just saved their planet. I daresay the Vulcans will give you a pool of coffee)

  • “I'm fairly positive the Ambassador Commander is trying to destroy Charon in the most total and complete way he can. I'm surprised he hasn't just rammed us into the damned Romulans at this point.”

(Landon Neyes – well, he did try …)

241010.30 Watercooler

  • “She came with us when we stormed the airlock to free Charon. She's no coward. On top of that she seemed to have a profound urge to organize the battlefield as we progressed.”

(Aria Falcon – talk about a job résumé. Organize away, Private Davis!)

  • To a Vulcan, the Marine had squarely planted the gauntlet in his rival’s face before insulting his parentage. And that of his horse.

(Brent Warren and Sovar – what is it with those two, anyways?)

  • “Come on. We still have more trouble to cause.”

(Leon Athalla – living up to his middle name.)

  • “If I was you I’d need a good lay and a cup of coffee.”

“Don’t I wish, sir.”

(Landon Neyes and Savant – don’t we all, really.)

  • “Pride they may take in their mastery of passions, but when it comes to love and desire they are fools, the lot of them.”

(T'Para – and that is putting it mildly.)

  • It was raining harder than it had in one hundred and forty three years, after the entire planet had just narrowly avoided complete disaster. No surprise then, a human should turn the monastery upside down, a little healer blush a vibrant emerald after running around barely clothed and one of their kind was laughing so hard she was going to go into labor soon if she wouldn’t stop. Nothing to get overly excited about, if you thought about it.

(Sejet the abbot – Logical.)

241011.06 Relics

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