Memento Mori(Weapon)

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The Memento Mori is a mutagenic retrovirus illicitly developed by the NeoDyne Defense Corporation inside a secret laboratory on the edge of Romulan Space.


  • The weapon works by attacking membranes of its victims. Death usually occurs within 1 hour of infection, mostly due to suffocation from the destruction of membranes and other tissues.
  • Usually mutates within 48 hours of contact with a different species.
  • Originated from a Dominion Mutagenic weapon that was redeveloped.
  • It is generally unknown when development began on Memento Mori, however, testing of the weapon starting in the year 2404.
  • The client of NeoDyne that requested Memento Mori be developed is unknown.
  • The weapon was tested on the planet Ch'Lekab where a former Romulan soldier who fought the dominion possessed an antibody which was able to combat the virus leading to an eventual cure of that version. However, it has since been redeveloped and such methods are no longer viable to treat the disease.
  • Mortality rate is 100% and infection rate is 100% (when delivered through atmospheric dispersion).
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