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The Enor Symbiont was born in 2096 and has played a small part in the history of Trill.

Former Hosts

Enara Enor: The first of Enor’s four previous hosts, she was an award-winning novelist. Her fictional novels about the lives that people lead, and the love, which influence living, won her acclaim. While her life was not dull, it was also not very adventurous. Being a professor of Trill literature and history as well as a novelist she provided a decent stable host for Enor. Living to the age of 92 she was also Enor’s longest living host.

Talzai Enor: Enor’s second host, Talzia was a very renowned philosopher and professor of Trill history. She would also serve on the trill symbiosis commission. Besides her work in Philosophy Talzai was also an amateur Archaeologist, she did some mild excavating in her spare time. Talzai would also marry and have two children; she would live to the age of 78.

Telaran Enor: Telaran would be the first male host of the Enor Symbiont, and the third overall. Telaran was a noted Trill military strategist having written many papers on combat strategy. Telaran joined the Trill Security Forces at an early age and ascended to the position of General before his retirement. Telaran lived to be 72 years of age.

Zanus Enor: Zanus Enor would be the second male host of the Enor Symbiont. Zanus was a very athletic person, who competed in several cross-country running competitions. He was also a master at foreign martial arts, something he extremely enjoyed. As he grew older Zanus would serve as a diplomat for Trill and later on for the Federation. His experience competing with other cultures in athletic competitions gave him a good understanding outside of Trill. Zanus would live to be 87 years of age.

Kaylana Enor: Kaylana Enor was a well-respected medical doctor on Trill. One of Kaylana’s specialties was the treatment of joined Trills. She did a great deal of research into the chemical process of the joining, and the life of the Trill and symbiont after the joining. Kaylana would write many books about Trill physiology and psychology before and after the joining. Her texts are considered some of the best information on Joined Trill physiology. Kaylana would only live to the age of 47 before she was brutally murdered in her home… The present host, Jolias Enor, discovered discover that her murder was a member of the symbiosis commission on trill. After obtaining evidence he presented it to the commission and the responsible party was arrested.

Current Host

Enor's present host, Jolias, is the first Enor host to be a member of Starfleet. Though the paring has since been plagued with a variety medical issues that the Symbiosis Commission has kept a close eye on.

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