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Modern Starship crews are divided into specialized branches or departments such as command, security, medical etc.

In the earliest day of Starfleet, the duties, now carried out by a few departments, were often carried out by many smaller departments. With their crews only trained to carry out one or two tasks. In the years since some or all of these smaller departments have either merged with other departments or have vanished altogether. Today a modern Starship has at least three serving departments, with their crews able to handle a multitude of different tasks in many different situations.

Below is a list of major departments and the associated department head:


Command Department

Sakarra Tyrax, Executive Officer.

Until 2300 the Command Department, traditionally not only covered the duties of the Commanding \ Executive Officer, but also the Helm and Navigation stations. However since then the Helm and Navigation stations have been established within the Operations Department.

The Command Department established aboard Federation Starships have exactly the same set-up as other shipboard Departments, such as Medical and Security. It has a Department Head and a Deputy Department Head. The only difference is that the Department Head is the Commanding Officer (CO) and the Deputy Department Head is the Executive Officer (XO).

The Command Officer is responsible for the running of the Command Department but because the C.O. is also responsible for the day to day running of the Ship the Executive Officer will take on the majority of the duties for the running of the Department. This will include the assigning of duties and responsibilities for members of the Command Department, but only with the prior approval of the C.O. It must be remembered that the C.O. must know what is happening at all times, not just within the Command Department but throughout the Ship.

To this end, the XO will receive all Department Heads reports, condense the information from those reports and make a report to the C.O. The C.O. will advise on any response that is required and authorize any actions that the XO will be responsible for putting into effect.

Other personnel, whom are attached to this department, include, additional shipboard Clerical staff and Yeomen. Ambassadors and Ambassador corps support personnel, serving on Starfleet vessels, are also assigned to this branch

On the USS Charon the responsibilities of running the command department fall directly on the Executive Officer, Lieutenant Commander Sakarra. Captain Rehu reviews all reports but she is not directly involved with the command department.

Key Command Department Personnel:

Operations Department

Savant, Chief Operations Officer.

On all vessels, there is an Operations Console. Aboard Federation vessels and starbases, Ops is an abbreviation for Operations. The Operations Department has to coordinate the daily routine operations of the ship. Everything from who is scheduled in which conference room at what time, to which re-supply freighters are inbound, to assigning personnel quarters, to scheduling and coordinating non-tactical repairs with engineering, to nearly anything that requires resource allocation.

The Operations Department also manages the vessels external and internal sensors. In this respect, they are literally the 'eyes and ears' of the ship.

Operations Department Personnel of Note:

  • Savant (chief operations officer)

Security Department

Rob Lansine, Chief Operations Officer.

The role of a Starfleet security officer Is a demanding one. He must be adaptable, confident, and have a high degree of determination.

Most of the department consist of Line Officers. These are the men and women that fill over 80% of the department and perform everyday duties. They are the most flexible of all, and as In all security officers, they have been trained to a very high standard to ensure they can perform their duties.

The other 20% are highly trained in a specific field. More than any other department, the members of the Security Department risk their lives to save and protect others, whether it be on a dangerous away mission or at a VIP reception where one moment everything is peaceful and friendly, and the next shots are being fired.

Note: The Tactical Department is technically a sub department of security.

Security Department Personnel of Note:

Medical Department

Auden Anderson, Assistant Medical officer.

The readiness of the crew to perform its duties is largely determined by its general well being, The Medical section is capable of seeing to the surgical, medical and welfare needs of the crew, with specialists at hand to deal with various alien races which may serve within the unit. Well-equipped surgeries and the latest in surgical techniques enable the medical crew to deal with large numbers of casualties speedily in emergency situations. Medical crews are often called upon to help planets suffering from health crises or epidemics, which lack the technology or the drugs available to deal with the problem.

The USS Charon's sickbay is equipped with some of the most advanced medical technologies in the Federation and it also is equipped with Romulan diagnostic systems for diagnosing Romulan patients.

Policy Note: All crew members must receive a checkup prior to any away mission.

Medical Department Personnel of Note:

Counseling Department

Waqas Jilani, Chief Counselor.

A counselor's main duty is to help shipboard personnel come to terms with a traumatic episode in their lives or make difficult decisions, which concerns either them selves or others. Counselor's duties also include assessing the psychological makeup not only of the ship's staff, but also of individual alien races, which is vital in first contact and cultural study missions. The finding of which is submitted either to the vessel's Commanding Officer or the head of the Away Team. As with a doctor, Counselors are also responsible for the individual well being of the crew which means they often take an active part during shipboard periodic performance evaluations.

Normally the counseling department is a Sub Department of the Medical Department. However, due to the mixture of the crew it was decided that the department should be on its own with a sizable staff of counselors at its disposal. The head of the counseling department is the chief counselor who, aside from her normal duties as counselor, is responsible for overseeing the department and reviewing the reports of examinations conducted by his/her subordinates.

The counselor must also assess possible threats and report them to the Executive Officer before they occur. This specifically refers to threats such as internal crew conflict. The counselor is also responsible for advising the commanding officer of the general morale of the crew as well as offering suggestions on how deal with low morale.

Notable Counseling Department Personnel:

Engineering Department

Landon Neyes, Chief Engineering Officer.

Most people, when asked, could give a brief example of what the Engineering Department does. However some, if not all, would only give the obvious statements. For example, Engineers keep the engines running, or repair the weapons systems, etc.

The function of an Engineer's job does include the more mundane aspects of engineering like the repair and maintenance of various equipment. However, Engineering personnel have to be considerably more than "just your average car mechanic". Engineering personnel have to be continual "trouble shooters", finding problems before they occur, and solve the problem before it becomes a crisis. Engineering personnel must always keep the ship at its optimum, often designing, or redesigning existing components to keep the ship up to its peak performance levels.

Engineering personnel must always be aware of the ship's alert status. There is absolutely no point in taking the warp engines off-line for a minor repair, if the ship is about to go to alert status. Alternately, the Chief Engineer must keep the Command staff and the Commanding Officer aware of any impending work, which may affect the running of the ship and it's missions. If the warp engines need to be taken off-line for repair, the Commanding Officer must know this before it happens, and must have a complete inventory of the work being carried out, and in what time frame.

Engineering personnel must be the manual backups to the computer systems. If any system goes down, they must, with the help and co-operation of other departments, be able to manually keep the ship working with whatever capabilities and systems they may have at their disposal. Some examples of the various engineering technicians and specialist are given below:

  • 1. Environmental Systems Technicians (E-Syst): Must have a complete understanding of the requirements of all known Federation/Non Federation life forms, so that quarters can be designed to give maximum comfort whist the they are aboard. E-Syst personnel will often work with Medical and Operations.
  • 2. Weapons & Defense Shield Specialists: Weapons & Defense Shield Specialists have a complete and thorough understanding of all shipboard weapons and defense shields as well as an understanding for similar systems on other Federation aligned vessels. These engineering specialists will know the main workings, faults and targeting capabilities of all known enemy vessels and planetary installations, and will Assimilate as much information as possible on this subject whenever a new life form appears. Weapons & Defense Shield Specialists will work with with Operations and Security.
  • 3. Warp/Impulse Engineering Technicians: With a complete understanding of the workings of the warp and impulse engines, not only for the U.S.S. Charon, but for all attached shuttlecraft and ancillary vessels. Warp/Impulse Engineering Technicians are also be aware of all previous designs of engines used on any Federation vessel but will also keep abreast of all new developments both within the Federation and of any new life forms encountered.
  • 4. Communications Specialist: Have full knowledge of most Federation and Threat communications equipment, and are able to assemble orbital range transceivers and other communications equipment from locally available, Communications Specialist: are also trained to assemble communications equipment, using various other materials and a short-range transceiver from all other planets.

The Engineering Department is the second largest department on the USS Charon.

Notable Engineering Department Personnel:

Science Department

Suuraht, Geological Specialist.

As well as providing a defensive force, Starfleet is also charged with the task of galactic exploration. As well as the pure science (physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics), astrophysics, sociology, medical and archaeology, are represented. Members from the Sciences department are featured in planetary exploration teams or first contact parties.

On the USS Charon the Science Department is the largest department that is composed of several sub departments such as Stellar Cartography, Astro Physics, Biology, Archaeology, Geology, and etc. The head of the Science Department is the Chief Science Officer who is responsible for reviewing all scientific matters and setting priorities for the science department and relaying that information to the Executive Officer

The Science Department is also in charge of overseeing the sensor pod's sensor alignment.

Science Department Personnel of Note:

  • Lieutenant Suuraht (Geological Specialist)

Marine Corps

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