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USS Charon MSD.

The USS Charon has 13 primary decks and three decks within the sensor pod, however, those decks are normally not inhabited.


Full Deck Listing

Deck A

Sensor Pod Level 3; Dorsal Sensor Array

Deck B

Sensor Pod Level 2; Forward Probe Launchers (p/s), Aft Probe Launcher, Probe / Communication Buoy magazine, Lateral Sensors

Deck C

Sensor Pod Level 1; Sensor Maintenance, Sensor Control Station, Probe Launchers Control Station

Deck 1

Main Bridge, Captain's Ready Room, Briefing Room

Deck 2

Crew Quarters, Crew Lounges, Forward Observation Lounge

Deck 3

Crew Quarters, VIP/Guest Quarters, Crew Mess, Science Labs

Deck 4

Crew Quarters, Cargo Bays 1-2, Impulse Engines (p/s)

Deck 5

Crew Quarters, Cargo Bays 3-4, Impulse Engines (p/s)

Deck 6

Crew Quarters, Recreation Room, Library, Holodecks 1 & 2 , Cargo Bays 5-6

Deck 7

Main Sickbay, Counselor's Office, Children's Center, Upper Engineering, Shuttlebay Observation Deck

Deck 8

Shuttlebay, Main Engineering, Crew Quarters, Science Labs, Stellar Cartography

Deck 9

Crew Quarters, Shuttle Storage, Security Offices, Ship's Brig, Interrogation Room

Deck 10

Crew Quarters, Cargo Bays 7-8, Main Deflector Control, Aft Torpedo Launcher

Deck 11

Deuterium Tanks, Antimatter generator, Aft Torpedo Magazine

Deck 12

Deuterium Tanks, Antimatter Storage Pods, Forward Torpedo Magazine

Deck 13

Phaser Array, Warp Core Ejection, Forward Torpedo Launchers (x2)

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