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USS Charon Crew
Andrus Morganth
Rank: Crewman
Position: Yeoman
Race: Betazoid
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Black
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 130 lbs
Father: Lon Morganth
Mother: Jemma Morganth
Siblings: Tam Morganth (Identical Twin Brother)
Marital Status: Single



239409.07 Born, Condar Betazed

240709.07 Began learning how to control his telepathic abilities

241009.07 Accepted to Starfleet Basic Training

241010.22 Placed in Brig for insubordinate behavior

241011.12 Placed in Brig for second time for unruly conduct

241012.15 Graduates Basic Training, reports for additional training in Command Field.

241101.15 Assigned as Yeoman on the U.S.S. Charon

241101.17 Confined to the Brig for indeterminate amount of time

Languages Spoken

  • Federation Standard
  • Betazoid
  • Romulan (Not Fluent)
  • Klingon (Not Fluent)


Andrus is brash and cocky. He uses those as a cover up for his past and his own insecurities. Though once he gets to know you, his cockiness tends to tone down. He is easily upset when someone else touches him, nor does he touch anyone else unless he absolutely has to. He prefers to be left alone, and with in a matter of moments will have some kind of nick name. He also tends to be very quick to anger, and will bait other people into a fight. He has no fear of weapons such as daggers or other bladed items, nor does he fear a phaser or any other related items to that nature. He will attempt to scare people off through his words, and if that fails through his actions.

Current Officers With Nicknames

Captain Shiarrael t'Rehu - Queen of Hearts
Ensign Vae Dwellon - Ensign Stick in the Mud
Arrain Lhaetan tr`Valkar - hfai (Romulan for Servant)
Ambassador Ian Lamont - His Serene Highness / Your Serene Highness / Serene Highness
Savant - Miss Ignorant / Miss Obvious / It
Marine Captain Nikolai Chernienko - Marine Captain Gorilla / Gorilla
Crewman Kestra Grax - Uttaberry

Life Before Starfleet

Jemma Morganth,
Andrus' Mother

On September 7th, 2394 Lon and Jemma Morganth gave birth to a set of identical twin boys. Tam Morganth was born first, and was afforded the name of Lon's father. Andrus was born twenty minutes after his brother, and named after Jemma's father. With most sets of twins Tam and Andrus shared a bond. The two boys were inseperable, though unlike most twins Lon was able to tell them apart. Each one had his own unique personality. Tam was quiet Andrus was loud.

As the boys grew, to an age to be accepted into school. Lon and Jemma thought it best to seperate the boys. At five years old, each boy was sent to his own school. They continued to keep the boys in seperate schools. When they both turned thirteen, they entered into adolescence and began to learn how to control the ever growing telepathic skills each harbored.

The one thing Lwaxanna Hagen, their instructor, noticed is that Tam was faster at learning how to control his ability. Andrus took much longer. This was also the time that Andrus began to rebel against authorative figures. In late 2407, Andrus overheard a conversation between his parents and Lwaxanna Hagen. What he heard would forever scar him, figuratively and literally. This was the first time Andrus ran away from home, and began to cut himself. It was at this time that his parents began to treat both boys very different. Tam completed his training right before their fourteenth birthday, Andrus continued for another three months.
Lon Morganth,
Andrus' Father

Tam became the prodigal son. Andrus on the other hand became an outcast. He began to loath his brother, and often times wished that he were an only child. Though this would never happen. He also came to despise his parents, and on multiple times ran away. Only to be returned by the local authorities.

At the age of fifteen, Tam was already a year ahead of Andrus in school and their parents did whatever the could to expand Tam's education. Andrus on the other hand was not given the same treatment. Andrus became more rebellious and began to use sharp objects to cut himself with. Thinking that he his family would be better off without him. He also began to over compensate at school by becoming cocky. Thus driving any potential friends away.

When he was sixteen years old, he had cut his abdomen with a hegh'bat that his father had acquired. He was placed in solitary confinement and observed at a medical facility in Rixx. Doctor Kestra Elbrun, the Chief Psychologist informed Andrus' parents of their options. They could either have their son committed to a psychiatric facility, or he could spend the remainder of his sixteenth year there and enlist in Starfleet.

Andrus' parents for the first time discussed this with Andrus and Andrus decided he would enlist when he turned seventeen. He knew that it would be the only way to get away from his family.

Tam Morganth,
Andrus' Twin Brother

Stories Before Starfleet

Stardate 2407

Life in Starfleet

On September 7th, 2410; Andrus was shuttled to San Francisco. There he was admitted to Boot Camp. Within a month of being there Andrus was sent to the brig for insubordinate behavior. He had gotten in a fight with the Chief Petty Officer over his teams training. Andrus received a broken nose and a split lip. The Chief Petty Officer ended up in a coma for the duration of Andrus stay in boot camp.

During boot camp, Andrus showed great abilities in hand to hand combat as well as weapons training. During one of his training routines with a bat'leth, Trainee T'Kala of J'Lij began to taunt Andrus. To no surprise to the Master Chief Petty Officer, Andrus picked a fight with the T'Kala, Andrus was cut on his leg with the other T'Kala's bat'leth but showed no sign of stopping as he nearly killed T'Kala of J'Lij.

Again Andrus was sent to brig for unruly conduct. He spent two weeks this time in the brig isolated from others, when he returned he was expected to catch up to where his fellow crew was at in training. About a month later Andrus somehow graduated from boot camp and was moved for additional training in Non-Commissioned Officer Command. His Senior Officers felt he was to much of a risk to do anything else but administrative work.

He spent about a month there before being reassigned to the U.S.S. Charon. Andrus was not please with the thought of someone else dictating his life, but none the less accepted. On his shuttle ride to the U.S.S. Charon, Andrus met Vae Dwellon, a newly commissioned Ensign. Or as he calls her 'Stick in the Mud'.

Apon arrival of the Charon, Andrus reported for duty to Captain Shiarrael t'Rehu, where he quickly got into an argument of wits. He was quickly placed in the brig for an indeterminate amount of time.

Stories During Starfleet

Coming Soon...

Service Record

241009.07 Starfleet Basic Training

241012.15 Additional Training : Command Field

241101.17 Assigned to U.S.S. Charon as Yeoman

Medical History

Physical Record

Stardate 241006.15:
Patient: Andrus Morganth
Presiding Medical Doctor: Doctor Reittan Grax
Deep laceration to abdominal area

Stardate 241010.22:
Patient: Trainee Andrus Morganth
Presiding Medical Doctor: Lieutenant Junior Grade Mark Staton
Broken Nose, split lip

Stardate 241011.12:
Patient: Trainee Andrus Morganth
Presiding Medical Doctor: Lieutenant Denatra Sofer
Suffers deep laceration to right upper leg

Stardate 241101.18:
Patient: Crewman Andrus Morganth
Presiding Medical Doctor: N/A | Ensign Vae Dwellon
Left hand broken with several lacerations, Right hand broken with several lacerations.

Stardate 241101.24:
Patient: Crewman Andrus Morganth
Presiding Medical Doctor: N/A | Savant | Ensign Vae Dwellon
Right hand broken with several lacerations.

Psychological Record

Stardate 239506.15:
Patient: Andrus Morganth
Presiding Psychologist: Doctor Kestra Elbrun
Andrus Morganth is seeking nothing more than attention. He will not find this at the hands of his parents Lon and Jemma Morganth. I have advised all three of them that Andrus may be able to better deal with his insecurities in Starfleet. If they fail to agree to that, Andrus Morganth will be transferred to a Psychiatric Treatment Facility due to his innate skills of self mutilation.

Other Notes


In Character Awards

None to Date

Out of Character Awards

Academy Awards
Stardate Course Instructor Ribbon
240904.22 Simguide Course (Email) Instructor Tailyn Blue Ribbon of Excellence
240905.05 Operations Course Professor Antonio DiAgessi Operations Ribbon
240905.20 First Force Special Operations Course Professor Antonio DiAgessi Winged Dagger
240905.21 Fighter Pilot Course Instructor Icarus Zeln Flight Wings
240905.21 Senior Officer Training Instructor Tailyn Senior Officers Ribbon of Excellence
240905.24 SimGuide Course (IRC) Instructor Sven Denterius Red Ribbon of Excellence
240906.01 Science Course: General Professor Jim Scott Science Ribbon of Excellence
240906.04 Engineering Course Training Instructor Anya Dazaria Engineering Ribbon of Excellence
240906.16 Science Course: Astrophysics Professor Jim Scott Astrophysics Ribbon of Excellence
240912.03 Judge Advocate General Instructor Jonathan Durek Combinded Law Studies Ribbon with Superior Performance Medal
240912.08 Helm Course Instructor Keio Pegara Helm Ribbon of Excellence
240912.08 Marine Course Senior Professor Antonio DiAgessi Marine Ribbon of Excellence
240912.11 Enlisted Course Professor Roger Frankson Enlisted Ribbon of Excellence with Superior Performance Medal
240912.14 Security/Tactical Course Senior Instructor Zach Rodasky Security/Tactical Ribbon of Excellence
240912.22 Combined Medical/Counseling Course Senior Professor H'dean tr'Tomalak Combined Medical Ribbon with Superior Performance Medal

This Character is played by Kojiro

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