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The USS Charon is an award winning PBem (play by email) simulation in UCIP. The current game year is 2409. Overall UCIP has a very rich and in depth simming environment for anyone interested in the details of Star Trek but it’s also simple enough for the casual writer. Our motto is that simming is an escape from real life but not a substitute. We all are here to enjoy ourselves, not find more work.

The general story for the Charon originates from the fact that the sim was born from one of UCIP’s most successful Romulan Sims. The IRW Aylhr which won several awards during its time eventually became Astate Colony and now the USS Charon. Both Astate Colony and the USS Charon kept some of its Romulan roots.

The USS Charon (you can read through the history for a more elaborate explanation) was selected as the ship to be used for a joint science mission between Starfleet and the Romulan Star Navy. An exiled Romulan commander was selected to head the mission because she met the requirement of understanding ‘Romulan protocol’ but was also no longer affiliated with the Romulan Star Empire.

Also, Charon is a Luna Class deep space explorer and if you look at her specifications you will see that she is not armed to the teeth. Her biggest asset is the giant sensor pod mounted on the back of the saucer.

If someone asked me ‘what is the USS Charon?’ my answer would be that the Charon is a community of friends who get together to write and have fun in the exciting world of Star Trek. We keep our email lists public for anyone to read and we’re also a friendly bunch so if you’re interested, feel free to join up because we’d love to have you.

Simply put, we all love a good story ;)



The USS Charon is a multiple award winning simulation in UCIP. She has won several accolades for both quality and consistency since her inception in 2008. Below is a list of awards:

Timmis Award (6/3/09)

  • I have been paying attention to the sim reports for the Charon. I think you and your crew have done well since the change over from the colony proper to the ship. Your hardwork as a team has paid off and I think that work should be recognized. You know I don't give awards often but I do think when they're earned they need be given. To that end, effective this date: the USS Charon is hereby awarded the- TIMMIS AWARD: Commendation ribbon awarded to any e-mail ship/base upon the completion of goals set by the Subfleet Commander. Meant to provide a morale booster to crew, and to recognize effort by the crew as a whole. - Admiral Cerywyn, Beta Fleet CO

Silver Quill (8/18/09)

  • This award has been approved. Again, this crew goes above and beyond the call of duty and the crew writes well together as a unit. I think this is a good award to give them and it recognizes their hard work and dedication. They do an excellent job on the whole. Again, I'm very proud of what they have accomplished. - Admiral Cerywyn, BFCO
  • I can only echo Admiral Cerywyn's comments. I am happy to approve, and look forward to seeing greater fleet engagement and the development of relationships with our spatial neighbours. Great work crew. - Jazza, Trek Division Commander

Top Sim/Bergen Award (12/28/09)

The best sim 2009!

Greetings UCIP! The Christmas 2009 Bergen Committee have been observing three finalists for the award nomination this year, for the last month. This has been grueling work, reading top quality logs every single day, in vast quantities more often than not. The three finalists were: USS Charon, USS Chimera, BattleStar Prometheus. Yesterday, the committee reached a decision as to which SIM they felt was the best, and have informed me of their results. After discussing this with the Vice-President, we have decided to uphold their decision, and present the Christmas 2009 Bergen Award to: USS Charon! - Frankie, CinC/President UCIP

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